Thursday, September 15, 2011

FJ vs Tankovy- Conquest test

A slight change of plan. I ended up testing out Cassino FJ.

HQ, 2x shreks, 2x stummels
10x FJ + P/K
10x FJ + P/K
4x marders
4x stugs
3x neb 42

Panzer II turret
2x pak 40 nests
2x HMGs
3x gun pits
2x Trenches

We rolled up Witches Cauldron (it was eitehr that or dust up). I was surprised to find it simialr to my old Counter Attack mission. I got to dfend so chucked down my fortifications and Dale palced his (SU 76) objectives. I deployed both FJ and the mardes in ambush, leaving the stugs, nebs + stummels as reserves.

The Cassino ruin was at the edge of my deployment zone. Dale's 2x T34 companeis ended up deployed on opposite quarters.

I changed the location of the marders- deciding against this location in front of 10x T34s- and changing to put them opposite the other T34s (which were in the opposite side) almost cost me the game on turn 2 & 3.

T34s prepare t advance- I've always liked Dale's T34s. His mid war horde was a real pain to face- I've loaned him some Green T34/85s as he doesn't have any. 
Turn 2 the horde assaults- after destroying the pak nest.
 This isn't looking good!
Not good at all. I foolishly counter attacked after losing 4 teams on round 1- I either missed or Dale saved all panzerknacker/shrek saves and decimated the platoon- leaving me with 2 rather stunned stands vs 10 tanks!
The platoon commander just remains in contesting range!

Meanwhile my immediate ambush troops (marders which stayed GtG) and the other T34s ignored each other. At this point Andrew, one of the original members when we established TAG, playing his first FoW game in 6 years, joined Dale to command half the Soviet force.

Luckily the stugs then turned up and between them and the marders- two who bogged (skill tests) in the rubble started sniping the T34s and started wearing them down. The other FJ platoon managed to move through the trenches to bolster the, rather shakey, defence.

I manage to bail a few tanks with stugs and marders

On the other flank Andrew moves forward, knokcing out two marders. 

The pak nest takes out a couple of tanks though.

Finally the FJ manage to see off the t4s- the T34s fail to counter attack, leaving 4 burning hulls and the survivors flee.

The T34s of andrew rumble forward to engage the remaining marders and infantry- and to contest the other objective. The paknest didn't last long.

Things got a bit silly near the end- stormtroopering panzershreks, the last marder finally fell to the T34s when it failed to stormtrooper into cover. The SU 100s fell to an infantry assualt- 2 dead, one bailed the survivor fled. The last Spetnez stand after being hunted by stugs passed his sole survivor roll 5 turns in a row. In conscutive turns a T34/76 hit and killed a stug! But finally the Spetnze had had enough, taking the Co with them and giving the Germans a hard fought 4-3.

The SUs die to FJ assault.

This is getting embarrassing! Its only a T34/76!

Dales thoughts on SU 100s half way through the game?
"These are "F&%ken shit!"
My reply? "See, I told you!" 

However Dale is now keen to go to Conquest and is threatening to unleash a list he's wantded to run for a long, long time...King tigers. Just because that is the random stuff he enjoys.I wqillt ake my version of the T34 lsit against it- SU 152s + Razvedki from FEII rather than the SU 100s.

It as great to get a game in vs Dale after such a long time- hopefully we can get some more regular games going, and now Andrew is back he's looking keen too.

Changes to the FJ? 
Drop the NW 42 for NW 41 (which have smoke) and get some more trenches and take a couple of Flak 38 nests instead of the 2nd HMG bunker. The 2+ save kept me from being rolled over on turn 2! I quite like these Green Devils!



  1. Should have given the ISU-152 version to him lol

    Chris W likes that version better too. Pity I don't HAVE ISU-152s to loan him.

    I am a little amused by the fact we are workshopping lists lists for other players - we'll see how 'Chris's Tankovy' fares vs my plain old Grenadiers tonight.

  2. Is Chris looking at your tankovy for Conquest then? I don't see yur grenadiers as plain :)

    I don't usually run LW T34/85 lists, they just don't interest me that much, so its good to test what someone else might bring.

    We were discussing the strengths and weaknesses and one comment Dale made was- why would I bother bringing any T34/76 when I can field 21 T34/85s? And to my mind therein lies the problem with Soviet tanks- T34/85s are a no brainer- so I like your list as its a bit more interesting, I'd just run it as straight FE II to get SU 152s + full razvedki:)

    Next week I'm supposed to run my version vs Dale and same (3) kingtigers but I might make up a Guards armoured list- we will see.

    I enjoyed the FJ and a few tweaks will be made but its my Conquest force- so there you go Dave D- bring on the Urdany round 1!


  3. Hi Craig, I cant argue with dale on the T34/85s but I think there are plenty of 'good enough' lists to be played and I am just used H&S ones and like them. So I guess the answer is that we all have our lists we like and our lists we think tedious and unappealing.

    As to plain, I cowprint.camo germans do.have a certain style but I actually mean in terms of being a vanilla list without the all the extra rules etc from the handbook lists. Its what I like about the MW lists too. I like having 'me' in the tankovy but the FE2 version does the same thing.

    Since I am not running the tankovy, it may well end up as ROH.

  4. The FE II lists are still competitive-whch is good to see although a few bells & whistles aren't there

    My FJ were almost out of FEII again simply so I could take a couple of jagdpanthers and another mobile (stug) platoon


  5. What I like about FE2 is that the game is still relatively close to its roots there compared to what went after. Fearless is fearless, reluctant is actually reluctant, skill actually does what it says etc etc It's why I think two big-book MW is the better game.

    At this stage, I will be running a FE2 list and expect the guy I am loaning an army to to also be running a FE2 list. Now some mystery wild-card newbie may need a Soviet army, in which case handbook Tankovy could spring onto the scene.

    I had a look at Casino last night and there is some pretty cool stuff in there. I like their fortifications - though I'd be inclined to look at the proper bunker Pak-40 for 125pts. It could be really survivable if the enemy doesn't have bunker busters.

  6. Ain't that the truth- it has gone a bit silly in the last year or so.

    MW has always been my preference but I do enjoy a bit of silliness now and then. I think I'll build some terrain and stick to Italy for a while- its one of my preferred campaigns.

    1x regular pak for 125, 3x nests for 135? I've gone for 3 (and am now on version 3). My nebewerfers have been touched up and rebased to "Italy" and am off to the bach for the weekend so should get another platoon of infantry done :)

    Poochie reckons the panther bunker is the way to go- we'll see.

    How did the Grenadiers go- or did you join the Arnhem game?

    I'd be keen to join the Saturday game bu have promised to go away for the weekend with Julie instead.