Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cassino Table Update

Here is the terrain so far.

Today I experimented with a new way to make the rubble/buildings- each building can lift out of the rubble area to make transport/packing easier. All the buildings are JR miniatures.

The CassinoTable WIP
Thew table will be used for a No Retreat.
I want the monastery to dominate the city but also be placed so that it will be a focal point of any games- or potentially so.

Still a lot to be done- another road and more ruins/ rubble for the vacant left section, some walls and hedges, shellholes and smaller rubble piles.

Ideally there will be three main avenues of approach, all somewhat protected so that infantry have a decent crack at the defences- or armour too for that matter.



  1. Some great looking buildings, JR do make some beautiful stuff, but its sooooo expensive!!

  2. Great work Craig. I am really impressed with how these builings are coming along.

  3. falling into the situation that lintman has expressed? Where he indicates preset missions give excellent defensive setup vs the attacker. Remember to keep it somewhat viable for a reasonable attacker!

  4. That I will be. I want it to be a reasonable representation of the the battlefield so that people walking passed will say- hey that looks like Cassino- but still make for a fun and challenging game for both attacker and defender

    Still needs a lot to be done but as long as there are at least three decent avenues of approach then the attacker should do okay- I need to play on it a few times to get the terrain balance right but the reason why the monastery was so important was that it overlooked the town and gave good fields of fire so it made sense to attack it (although following up the French attack and outflanking the whole position made more sense) so the feature should be worth attacking and provide a focal point to the table.

    I intend to run buildings along the other side of the board so tanks can move forward shielded from the monastery, and more shellholes (which will offer bullet proof cover to infantry & gun teams (except vs artillery fire), some vineyards and an orchard for even more cover for the attacker and to break up the LoS/fields of fire.

    As for the buildings- I picked them up when
    JR had their sale last year- most companies charge +40%postage to NZ so it pays to wait for sales :)

    Am currently looking at getting some Total Battlefield Miniatures ones to finish off the table