Friday, September 16, 2011

Cassino FJ for Conquest

Nick has posted his force and after last week's game I've settled on mine. I have started rebasing nebelwerfers and making more pak nests- I am on V 3 of them now. The original ones look cool but are a bit big and the versions I made last night a bit small so I am half way through V3.

HQ + 2iC PK 60
2x Panzershrek 60
2x Stummelwerfers 50
10x FJ + P/K 270
10x FJ + P/K 270
4x Stug III (CV) 380
4x FJ Marders 315
3x NW 41 Nebelwerfers 105

Cassino fortifications 240


1x HMG nest 40
1x Flak 38 Nest 25
3x pak 40 nests 135
1x Panzer II turret 30
2x Trenches 10


Changes from the other night?
1) NW 41s rather than the heavier NW 42.
I need them for smoke mainly and at 105 pts they are a real steal! To squeeze in the third pak nest I had to downgrade the HMGs to a flak nest and lose the gun pits- which I know I'll miss! I could keep the HMG bunker and add the gunpits by losing a panzershrek but two of them were so handy the other night I loathe to do so- similarly the trenches were handy so I intend to keep those too.

2)Adding a 3rd pak nest so they can cover each other a bit better.

So there we have it, no AT above 12 but a reasonably solid defensive force. However, I also have 22+ Fearless Vet infantry and when properly supported by marders + stugs they should have some go forward too on attack and so I think they should be able to cope with a variety of opponents on either attack or defence- and be reasonably difficult to shift. I guess we will soon see...

So I've a lot of fortifications and nests to make, not to mentino a Cassino inspired table- I'm almost finished the panzer II bunker though.


  1. Looks good. Our armies should make a good game. My force as enough mobile Vet HE firing tanks to hopefully put some hurt on your nests. Very Historical, I like it!

  2. Looks extremely solid Craig, 2+ motivation with defenses will be a tough nut to crack. And you can just up and go if needed too.

    Im actually hoping I DON'T have to play this list in conquest lol!

    No love for the Pantherturm?


  3. No points for it- if it was 2000pts maybe :)

    Looking forward to building a Cassino inspired table now- and hope Nick and I get to play on it