Monday, September 12, 2011

What's next?

Kent and I should be having a game of Lasalle this Wednesday but its now time to move onto my next project! I really must learn to stay focused.

I have promised to build a Cassino table for Conquest. I started to sketch out one for Anzio instead- based on the factory region with the flyover but then I received the FoW Cassino book the other day and things have changed. My initial idea was to build "proper" terrain boards but Julie and I are thinking of moving back into town in the next year or so and as a result I am under orders to "downsize" rather than build more. So with that thought in mind I think I'll build several different sections of scatter terrain that can be combined into different layouts.

I've started to develop some ideas, but first I have to build some pak nests for my Fallschrimjager...

(And three hours later here they are!)

Two pak 40 nests made using some old pak 40s I had lying round, balsa and kitty litter. The base colour was an experiment- I'll see how it looks in natural light in the morning but under artificial light I quite like it- however it will mean repainting my FJ force to match! I may add some camo netting to them yet.

 HMG nests.

4x RSO tank hunters- if I take the Sperr- painted up last night



  1. Looks pretty good in the photos Craig.

  2. How much do they go for pointswise and presumably they die on rerolled firepower?

    They ARE nicely modelled up though.

    The thought of someone repainting an entire army because he likes the colour in something he just whipped up does make me chuckle.

  3. 45 pts for an AT nest that can't be targetted from more than 16" away,can't be targetted by artilery, and which has a 360 degree field of fire!

    The campaign in Italy has always been of interest to me so rebasing two forces (I need to make a LW NZ rifle force too) is the kind of thing I'd do- it's either that or paint up an entirely new FJ force (I've the figure lying round here somewhere)...

    Day of Days next year is going to be based on the campaign from Salerno to Ortona so it would give me a head start on that!


  4. Looking very good, some great photos.

  5. 45pts? I now see what the excitement is about - the same cost as a Pak 40 and much more useful as backup AT.