Thursday, September 22, 2011


Kent and I managed another game of Lasalle last night. An entertaining draw. My Cuiriassiers arrived early and smashed though a French line battalion only to bounced repeatedly from the battalion behind it after they formed square. Meanwhile on the other flank Kent's Cuiriassiers smashed two of my grenadier battalions although my canon wreaked havoc on one regiment of french Cavalry. In the end it was draw. We used less terrain this time and felt that it worked better.

Just a few pictues of the game rather than a blow by blow account.


  1. Looking very good! I thought, for a minute, from the flag that the top regiment were Japanese.


  2. Love that last pic of the French Horse in front of the massed Russian Guns...I guess thats the unit that got pasted?

    Very much love the look and scope of Lasalle.


  3. They are the St Petersburg Grenadiers

    And no Kruger, those ones survived until the end

  4. Great Stuff Craig! Those Russian Batteries certainly look damn scary! How are you finding the infantry on cavalry thing in smaller games - this looks like it was a standard Core +1 Support game - do you find the cav too destructive of infantry in straight 1 on 1 encounters (i.e. squares seem to collapse too readily)? We seem to find its the one quirk of the rules that has a noticeable impact in smaller games (with bigger games it's not an issue as it's not so 'significant' if 1 or 2 fresh un-DISR infantry battalion(s) in square happen to get ridden down early in the game). Cheers, John (