Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FoW Sperr vs Tankovy

Kent isn't feeling too well so the game of Lasalle is delayed until next week so tomorrow night Daleinski and I will try out the Sperr (with Wespes) vs his tankovy- which will have a more than passing resemblance to Xelee's one :)

We'll be playing n a snow table and try one of the new missions- Dust Up (or should that be Blizzard?) or Witches Cauldron

Daleinski will be running the following:
HQ T34/85
3x M17 SPAA

10 x T-34s, five with 85mm
8x T-34, five with 85mm + Dedov

Spetsnaz with one squad only
4 SU-100 Tank-killers with tankos

I personally don't rate the SU 100- I'd much rather take 3xSU 152s and a Razvedki but H&S can't take SU 152s so we will give Xelee's list a crack.



  1. I think SU-100s are a tad overkill vs Sperr! - They are there for German cats and IS-85s! Chris will be giving my tanks a go himself while I try out the German infantry.

    I think he is planning more infantry and it may well end up as a Razvedki + Decoy Panthers version, in his hands. We'll see.

  2. Scared of big cats? I don't have AG higher than 12 in my list and I would love to fight KTs, panthers and jadgpanthers.

  3. You don't have H&C either.

    Just saying.

    Anyway, who's scared? The guy on the other end of the 100mm naval guns, I'm thinking. :P

    More seriously, KTs are a joke and no problem for Tankovy, Jagds are expensive for what they do so can be a little like KTs; Panthers and Tiger Is and IS-85s, now those can be irritating.

  4. True Jamie, not an ideal match up- however I've also made the version I would run which has SU 152 & Razvedki rather than the SU 100s which makes for a more balanced list IMO- especially with fortifications etc being present at the comp.

    However, I've started basing up some more FJ and looking at the need for a repaint of my panzer pioneer half tracks the FJs are looking tempting- so I may end up running a Cassino FJ force to test that our first- in which case I will recommend the SU 152 version to him.


  5. I had a wee look at H&S - if you really wanted to be different:

    HQ '85 + SPAA
    2 x Coys with 9 T34s, full 85mm upgrades and one coy has Tankos.
    3 ISU-152 with 50cals

    That might be a list for a Tankovy player who is not obsessed with Panthers (blame Chris W for that)? I reckon Volley fire, HBG, & 1+ FP would be pretty nice vs Paras too with Spetsnaz to lift gtg. That combination in a city fight will send all the defenders scrambling into the streets lol

    On the other hand, I do like the fact that the SU-100 can crack a Croc from the front.

  6. Different? T34/85 lists all play the same no matter what is in support.

  7. I think H&C is more than compensated by for the big platoons- especially with T34/85s. All Soviet tankers simply have to learn how to use it to best effect- that's part of the elarning curve with Soviets

    Massed T34/85s are about as subtle as a sledgehammer and often hit just as hard!


  8. To be honest, I think I've lost the thread of exactly what is being discussed here.

    Good luck vs Dale, Craig.