Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whos your marder?

Finished my DAK Marder IIIs. I have used different transfers to differentiate the two platoons. One has the 15th panzer Div marking on the side, the other I've added the Afrika Korps Palm leaf symbol. May not be accurate but its all about knowing which platoon is which on the table top!

I don't intend to use all 8 at once but it is good to know they are there, just in case. My typical DAK force these days uses 6 of them (2 platoons of 3) and 4 carri. I am really regretting not taking that list to the worlds.

One day I really must get a photo of all my marders- I think I now have at least 4, and sometimes a lot more, of most versions.

And the two bison- still my favourite looking DAK model and on table they don't perform as badly as I first thought they would!

And the command tank for my Ostfront Panzer IIIL platoon, the German hero (Rettemeier). I never use warriors but like the model and thought it suited for the command panzer III. Unfortunately I gave it a GW Devlen mud wash near the end of the painting process and it came up a bit glossy, so will probably have to repaint it.



  1. I have a jar of Modge Podge Matte Finish just for situations such as your Panzer III. Just thin the glue with some water, about 50:50, then brush it on in small amounts. It protects the paint as well as eliminates the gloss without the need to spray it outside with testors dullcote.

    Looking good all the same, if I lived in your area I'd love to roll dice against them!

  2. I ight have to dry some dul coate.

    I used to use a combination of the old GW chestnut or brown wash (25%, klear floor polish (25%) and water (50%) and it gave a nice matt finish before highlighting- The New GW washes seem to work best for me straight after the base coat before a dry brush of the base coat and then other layers- won't try it the way I did it again.

    The marders for instance were: base coat of Tamiya Desert Yellow, drybrush heavy vallejo Iraqi sand, orgyn flesh wash, dry brush of iraqi sand (again). I intend to also fnal highlight with Dark Sand

  3. I see that felt carpet is looking supreem with photography Craig. If i ever see any more I will definatley be grabbing some.