Wednesday, January 12, 2011

City Table

I got some MDF and am experiementing with building a new 4ft square city board. The buildings will be based on MDF and I'm going to use the reverse side of some lino I have lying round (which has a nice herring bone pattern) to create cobblestone streets. I've used some old roads to try and get a feel for how it might look.

Once completed I might add a third section to build a river suitable for Day of Days, but if not then this will probably suffice.

The Buildings
The buildings are a variety of sources- lots of JR Miniatures, a Landmark church, a Conflix ruin and some I scratch built 6 or 7 years ago out of foam-board and which are still reasonably serviceable.

New Style Terrain Boards
I am about to experiment with a new style of terrain board. I'm going to use 3mm MDF which will be glued to a 25mm polystyrene sheet the same size. Rivers and balkas will be easy to carve into the MDF and polystyrene, it should have more rigidity than polystyrene by itself (and not need to be framed) and yet still be lightweight- time will tell if it is a successful experiment


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