Monday, January 31, 2011

Rebasing my Vikings

Tonight I decided to rebase my 28mm Vikings. Why? Mainly as I decided I prefer only 6 figures on a base to make the bases a bit more dynamic. I also painted up the last few Gripping Beast plastic Vikings I had lying round and so tomorrow nights job is to finish the basing. I'm still using my Big Base DBA system. By putting 4 figures in the front rank, or even off setting the figures a bit I get a similar mass effect but the bases look a bit more animated.

Once the Vikings are done I will probably rebase the Saxons as well, again with only 6 figures per base as opposed to the 8 I currently use for heavy foot bases, but they may have to wait for quite a while for that to happen.

All going well I'll give Kent a game of Impetus on Wednesday using the Vikings and Norse-Irish- hence my need to rebase the Vikings as I was light a few stands- at least until my ordered reinforcements arrive.

The force I hope to use this week are as follows:

Vikings (approx 211 pts)

  • 1x fair general
  • 1x poor general
  • 2x FP Guard Huscarls
  • 2x FP Vet Huscarls
  • 6x FP Huscarls
  • 2x FP Hird
  • 1x S Archers

Norse-Irish (Approx 213 pts)

  • 1x fair general
  • 1x poor general
  • 2 FL Nobles
  • 4 FL Bonnachts
  • 4 FL Kerns
  • Viking Allies: 2x FP Vet Huscarls

So two similar armies for a typical Dark Ages pushing match

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