Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time to Reorganise

My 28mm figures have, for the past year or so, been kept in cheap cardboard filing boxes but the pile is getting rather high, not to mention untidy. So I've decided it's time for a bit of reorganisation.

I've picked up some plastic filing cabinets, each tray holds about the same number of figures as the filing boxes. I quickly filled 3 cabinets and still need at least 3 more to finish off the 28mm figures. I have a couple for my 15mm WWII figures too and eventually will get a few more.

They should make storing, and organising my forces much easier.

28mm Normans, Saxons and Vikings
One of my ongoing projects from last year was my 28mm armies for 1066. I was working on or had completed:
Pre-Feudal Scots

And was working on Welsh. The only force I still need are the Normans. So taking advantage of the almost finished Warlord Games offer I have ordered 3 boxes of the Conquest Games mounted Normans, and one each of the Gripping Beat Vikings and Saxons. While ordering I also threw in some Celtic Cavalry and some German infantry for my other ancient armies.

I should have enough Normans to do a decent Impetus/DBA force and the ones that aren't used will become the Cavalry for my Welsh army. As I have a lot of metal Gripping Beast saxons, I proably didn't need any of the plastic ones but thought the would be good to ceate the foot contingent for an Anglo-Norman force (or even some early crusaders) so plenty of morphing possibilities.

So it looks like I will be getting back into 28mm painting in the next wee while, at least until the 15mm WWII bug strikes again.


  1. What's with the new 'moody' theme for your blog - eh? :)

    I got those trays for my WOTR forces and they are just the thing. They stack up nicely and neatly fit two rows of those bases. Since I've kept to that size for my new 28mms, they'll fit too. Best thing is I just grab the drawers I want for a game and don't have to unpack things out of foam cases.

    I can testify that the method is Earthquake proof!

  2. They look like a good buy, how much were they?

  3. I'm becoming dark and edgy in 2011 Jamie. Being able to grab the drawer you want and headng to wherever for a game is big plus.

    On special they are about $12 NZ each, usually about $17