Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day of Days- 2011: Market Garden

Here is the latest update for our FoW Firestorm weekend- Day of Days. This will be held on March 5th-6th 2011.

So far we have 22 players, which makes it the biggest FoW comp in the South Island since the D-Day multiplayer in 2007, so thanks to everyone who has decided to attend.

Could you please:

1) confirm that you will be attending if not already done so.

2) Confirm I have you o the correct side- we have room to move a bit with swapping people round so please let me know ASAP.

3) At present I am on as an allied but there are at least one or two people that have not finalised yet so will play if I’m needed but hope to simply organise things.


The Competition will be held at the Timaru Armchair Generals, Napier St Timaru

Google it if you have to- it is behind the Basillica (Craigie Ave) and is very near the North St/Craigie Ave intersection in central Timaru (just past the Polytech).

The venue is upstairs at the Parish centre at the end of Napier St

The club is on Napier street. For those coming in to CHCH just carry all the way through to Craigie Avenue the other side of the North Street intersection. As you pass over the intersection you will see the trees on your right, about 50 metres past the intersection is a turn off to the right which swings back on itself, follow this and take the only left turn, Napier street. Down Napier street to the end and the Parish Centre is at the end on the left. Upstairs is the club rooms.

BBQ: The FoW BBQ will be out at my place after gaming on Day 1.


Can people let me know if they can bring tables- ideally themed for a particular location in Holland but generic (North West Europe) is fine too.

On day 1 we need 11 tables and on day 2 will be reforming them to make 6x 5 by 6ft tables for the doubles games.

So far I have:

  • Me: 4-5
  • Kent 2
  • Ian Curd 1
  • Steve Chambers?

Poochie (and/or Stephen Stout) if you guys could help out here with some CHCh terrain it would be much appreciated

Missions: Single Games

Day 1 wills tart with an encounter to represent the initial free flowing nature of reserves being assembled to counter the immediate attacks following the landings/breakout by 30 Corps.

Games 2-3 will depend on which side wins more in each previous round and with the Firestorm roll off dictating who is attacking on each table.

Day 2: Missions will be modified Total War.

Day 2 Battles (pairs games)

For day 2 we will simply be modifying the Total War scenarios in Das Book for the two missions- each of the centre and your opponents objectives will be worth 2 VPs, there will be no VPs (or loss of VPs) for destroyed units- although you can still break your opponent’s companies to win. We will play test this over the next wee while.


Please ensure that the force that you take is appropriate (within reason) for Arnhem- I’m no expert on what armour was or wasn’t present so leave it up to the players to sort out for themselves what they are fielding is okay. I know some people are adapting existing PDFs for forces (eg the Wulkrue PDF for CT Germans and that is fine if it allows you to make a suitable force)


Appropriate warriors may be (and should be!) fielded.

Col Frost, Van de Heyte, Grabner etc are okay.

This is what I have so far, please let me know if any changes need to be made!

Allied- possible:

US Airborne:

  1. Keith Hewitt
  2. Martin Wilkinson
  3. Craig C

British Paras

  1. Steve O
  2. Nick “Frost” Garden

30 Corp:

  1. Dave Dreaver
  2. Steve Chambers- Guards Armour
  3. Matt Stewart
  4. Stephen Stout
  5. Simon P
  6. Tim Driver


  1. Chris Pooch (FJ- with Van DE Heyte)
  2. Chris Warren
  3. Cal Manson
  4. Dale “Grabner” Franklin
  5. Kent Galpin
  6. Greg B
  7. Nigel Wright
  8. Jamie Craig
  9. Ian Curd
  10. Steve Hill
  11. Jason Holland

Places to stay

I have quite a few people (9) staying at my place, Kent has offered his place for 2 players and I hope Dale, Nigel or some of the other Timaru players may be able to help out as well.

Please let me know if you need accommodation sorted.


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