Friday, January 28, 2011

A Quick Update

Been a bit slack lately, real life (TM) has interferred with my hobbies! I started my first full-time job in a long, long time last Monday so between training courses and trying to sort my programme by the end of the day, I've been a bit brain dead and simply just chilled rather than do something productive (i.e some wargaming related stuff!). I think last week I only managed one evening of work- painting up my final 3 bases of US paras and a panzer III for my next mid war comp army!

This week has been just as bad. My wife and I have just bought a new bach, or as they are also called further south crib- both being kiwiese for a traditional kiwi holiday home. However, there is a difference, these days many "bachs" tend to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and are just as nice, and equally as bland, as any home in any new subdivision. Traditonal baches were made from whatever was at hand and were characterful beach properties that if you were lucky might have a shower but were where generations of families spent their summer holidays. These days in many areas baches have been replaced by expensive subdivisions. Fortunately our new place is definitely an old school bach! Although it does have a shower.

Anyway sorting out the sale has kept me busy, but now its just a matter of waiting for the various checks to come though. So between dealing with real estate agents, the bank, and negotiating over price etc there has been little time for hobbies. However, last night I did force myself to start 5x marder IIIs and tonight's job is to finish them so hopefully I'll have something worthwhile to add in a day or two.

Also I see that Gripping Beast have released their new Saxons range. I don't really need them, and would prefer it if they were not armoured but will probably pick some up. I feel a swing back to 28mm dark ages coming on for the next wee while. Warlord Games has free shipping round the world at present and as they also have the new plastic Norman knights, and I've been meaning to get a boxed set of the Warlord Games 28mm FJ I can see 28mm gaming on the horizon once again...


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