Thursday, August 1, 2013

More Black Powder

Another enjoyable game of Black powder last night. Once again a Prussian/Russian (11 battalions of infantry, 1 regiment of cav) taking on Kent's French (10 battalions of infantry, 2 regiments of cav).

The French deploy
 And advance
 Kent's troops advance on the Prussians

 A cavalry clash early on. The Prussian lancers destroy the French Cav!
 On our left flank I have a cunning plan... and advance four battalions foward
 The Prussian cav follows though into a battalion in line.
 On the left my troops are held up by stubborn French resistance.
 That's better... ufortuantley tog i ave takken a few too many casualties.
 Kent throws his cavalry into the Prussians but they are repelled.
 Unfortunately my last few battalions are whittle down and my command breaks!
 Luckily though te Prussians see off the other French infantry brigade leaving them with the remnants of the brigade (formerly) facing the Russians to claim victory!
 The final round and the French collapse!

The Prussians once again claim victory whilst my Russians do their typical trick of imploding in spectacular fashion!

Lots of fun!



  1. Looks fun! Must give Black Powder a go.

    1. It makes for a fast beer n pretzel style game.

  2. Very nice Craig. Great looking game!

  3. Looks like a good evening's game Craig. Some top photos there!

    1. Cheer James, ligthing a a bit crap- have wires for the new lights all over the place just waiting for the sparky to finish them off- should get better lighting then.