Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bolt Action: Burma 1943

Tonight Kent and I had our first game of Bolt Action. Two similar 600pt forces.

The British had a regular platoon:
Lieutenant + NO,
3x sections: SMG, LMG, 8x men
1x MMG
1x recce carrier

Regular Japanese Platoon
Lieutenant, NCO,
2x sections: SMG NCO, LMG, 10x men
Vet Jungle fighters: SMG NCO,  LMG, 8 men
1x Juku MMG

We pretty much made things up as went went. In FoW terms this was a free or all. The Japanese were defending a jungle hut and the British stumbled into their defensive works- the jungle fighters were in ambush- which we ran as a FoW style ambush- yikes!

A British section advances towards a Burmese village.
 My main advance was on my right flank, supported by a bren carrier.
 The ambush is sprung- against a section that was advancing on the are right.
 The carrier is immobilised by small arms fire (I forgot to recce away)- and the infantry about to be overrun.
 In the centre things are hotting up.
 But on the far left I am making progress.
 The medic moves to lend a hand on the right.
 On the left the Japanese section has take some damage and is now "down". Does jungle block line of sight? In our case we said "hell yes"- unless within 6"! 
 The centre section as come under heavy small arms fire and has stopped to engage in a fire fight.
 Meanwhile the jungle fighters destroy the carrier.
 On the far left though we have cleared out the Japanese section.
 My lieutenant and NCO try to win a gallantry medal- and it is awarded posthumously.

In the end it was a bloody draw (4 losses a piece). I liked the pinning mechanism (even if the Japanese could shrug off pins to assault). - the order dice was also a lot of fun and (like Impetvs) when to activate things quickly became important. Overall, the game ran smoothly and was lots of fun.

Will definitely play some more...



  1. Nice looking game. What make are the Brits? I like them a lot. On a whim I painted up some old Airfix Japanese infantry and ever since have been looking for some Brits or Anzacs to fight them.

  2. Hi James. Most of the British are from the Assault Group- nice figures and fit well sizewise with Warlord Games. I'd go wit the Airfix ANZACs- a very nice range.

  3. Great looking game Craig! Figures and terrain are wonderful!

  4. Should look better once the lighting is sorted out in the games room too :)