Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bolt Action AAR- "Aayo Gurkhali"

Tonight Stephen, Simon and Kent popped round for the my much anticipated game of Bolt Action, once again the action occurred somewhere in Burma. Each force was upgraded to 800pts. I had a cunning plan, adding a platoon of veteran Ghurkas to try to deal with those accursed veteran jungle fighters...The Ghurka war cry was "Aayo Gurkhali" or "here come the Ghurkas". Time to see to see how the brave Nepalese troops would fare on the table top.

Simon and I fielded:
1st lt + NCO
2x regular sections ( incl SMG &LMG)
1x Vet ghurkas (SMG, LMG)
1x recce carrier
1x M3 Stuart
1x 3" mortar
1x Vickers MMG

The Japanese fielded:
Offier + SMG NCO
2x Sections with 12 infantry (icl light mortars)
10x jungle fighers (vets)
1x Chi Ha tank
1x Juku MMG

Visibility: We limited visibility to 6" in jungle. It is suppose to be impenetrable after all.

We ran a demolition mission adding a objective one each side (worth 2 VPs). We chose to keep our Stuart in reserve and use our 2nd regular infantry section to outflank the enemy. Kent chose to put everything on table.

Everything is ready for the game.
 A section advances across open ground.
 Opposite them the Japanese head for the jungle.
 Turn 2 the section crosses the dead ground before the sniper can get into position and draw a bead on them.
 The Japanese work their way through the jungle.
 The Japanese tank opens fire but misses the British infantry.
 The recce carrier moves forward.
 Kent is up to is old tricks: stalking armoured vehicles...
 The Japanese close in on the objective they intend to defend.
 The mortar managed to in a section with their first range in attempt then was almost knocked out by the return fire from the Japanese tank. The survivor managed to sneak off into the jungle to save a victory point.
 Turn 4: Our flanking force turns up  is immediately ambushed by the jungle fighter- I made a bit of a mistake in the rules here and allowed the Japanese to charge a assault first wiping out the British (memo to self ambush doesn't work quite like opportunity charges/counter charges in Impetvs does). 
 So we sent in the Gurkas ad destroyed the jungle fighters- Kent mentioning something about cutting all their fingers off with Kukris when he found out how deadly Ghurkas are in assaults.
 Our officer sprinted past the sniper and managed to survive thanks to more woeful shooting by the sniper.
 Banzai! The Japanese charge the carrier and knock it out.
 The Ghurkas clear the Japanese away from the objective, killing their commander and NCO.
End of turn 6 we both had managed to contest the objectives and both had lost 3 units so it was a draw.

Changes to the army? 
Another section of infantry. I still don't feel I have enough go forward so will try a extra section next game.



  1. Looks like you had a great game.

  2. Great looking game Craig, some of those photo's had a real lush, jungle look.

    1. Cheers Red Dog- yes some of the pictures turned out very jungley