Sunday, August 11, 2013

Basing & more Japanese

I now have 3 sections of Japanese ready for action, platoon command and an HMG team so am ready to give the Bolt Action rules a go.

I have never been a fan of single based figures/games- Far too much faffing about moving figures for my liking. However I see some people are using multiple stand movement trays or their figures in Bolt Action so have decided to experiment with  two figure bases for my figures. I am doing so for my weapon teams such as light mortars and LMGs anyway- using a counter or die to record losses if need be.  

My thoughts are that most figures will be double based on the Rendra plastic 45mmx 40mm bases I use or LMG teams.

So what I am thinking is or a unit of 12 Japanese or example:
1x NCO
1x single figure stand
1x LMG team
4x double based teams

So slightly less movement fiddling about.  The single figure stand can also be used to replace a stand when I need to have a single casualty.

Anyone else use similar systems?

Here is my first 12 man section done this way. All miniatures are The Assault Group and they are highly recommended.

LMG team
 A two man stand.

 The squad advances.

 NCO with SMG.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Dave, I'm adding a bit more foliage to improve them some more

  2. They look great. The two man teams give you more scope to add some interest to the bases I think.

    1. Agreed and so am making them a bit more jungly

  3. Really nice work on these guys. Nice variety of shades on the uniforms and the basing is great too. Dean

  4. Thanks Dean, am still experimenting with the uniforms :)