Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bolt Action- Burma

Same forces as last week except this time we included a tank each: a Stuart and a Chi Ha.

It was a game were the medics on both sides were outstanding- saving 4 lives a piece including the platoon commanders twice each!

Again the main idea was to learn the rules and the Japanese started in hard cover (dug in) until they moved (to represent being in fox holes etc)

A British platoon advances towards a Japanese held village.
 Dug in Japanese prepare to defend the village with their lives...
More lurk behind every tree!
 Contact! The first section comes under fire from the treeline.
The Japanese wonder weapon (Kent's new tank) rumbles down the road.
 Cautiously now the British move forward.
 Still the Japanese lurk.
 The tank uses its HE armed main gun to destroy a section- were is the Stuart?
 Oh, that's right on the other flank... being hunted down by vicious jungle fighters.
 Banzai!!!!!! The attack is beaten off without loss.
 My co-commander, Simon, launched an attack vs the "down" and "pinned" Japanese. It was then we learned about simultaneous assaults- 11 dice each!
 Resulting in 7 casualties each. After the next round  of combat the Japanese won (2 men left)- maybe assaulting wasn't such a good idea.
 The juku MMG in the trees is suppressing our only remaining section of infantry.
 Those pesky Jungle fighters haven't finished with the Stuart yet. (Note: My latest acquisition- some bamboo stands from another Hong Kong aquarium supplier).
 Again they are driven off with minimal losses.
 The recce carrier zooms over the assist.
 While the Japanese tank takes pot shots at our platoon commander and medic.
 A mad dash to nab an objective is thwarted by more poor British markmanship.
 And  in the last turn the Jungle fighters managed to immobilise the Stuart in their third assault at it in the game.

Result? Our three rifle sections had been gutted (2 destroyed, the final one with 5 pins and 3 figures left!) and the Stuart immobilised. We just failed in our last "dash to the wire" to grab the objetive and all we had to show for our efforts was a dead Japanese medic! One Japanese platoon was down to 2 figures but the others were still fighting fit.The British ordered a withdrawal. Time for a up of char!

The game was an absolute blast with far too many silly moments to retell but the four of us had a thoroughly great time. I can see us playing quite a bit of Bolt Action...



  1. Wonderful looking game! Awesome figures and terrain. Dean

    1. Cheers Dean. The stuff for it has been coming along nicely and was good to get it all done and able to game.

  2. A good looking game indeed. Sounds like a lot of fun too.

    1. Cheers Boggler, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. One player usually only plays sci fi games and he had a blast so really see it as a gate way to lure people to the dark side of historical wargaming :)


  3. Great looking game there Craig!

  4. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Now where'd you get those fields? They look marvelous. Please tell me they're commercially available!