Tuesday, March 1, 2011

World's Armies

Panzer Company

Damien's (I think) Guards Tankovy

Backslide's Panzer pioneers.

Rob's British Rifles

Nick's Kiwi /Div Cav- a very well deserved best painted Nick! Did Kit ever pick up on your half the div signs on the left mud guard, half on the right?

Tom's (?) panzers- press ganged into service on day 2.

Bede's Strelkovy

Steve Chambers Tankovy- great Ravzedki Steve!

Bisons Ahoy- John MacGuires's DAK force- very similar to the one I didn't take!

Charlie Stubb's Aussie Div Cav.

Rob Caroline's Strelk

Simon's Panzer Grenadiers

Bill Wilcox's US Armour

Steve Hill's Pioneers


  1. Great photo's, The Aussies the very nice!

  2. I agree- the infantry were the Eureka Bardia Aussies range IIRC. Unfortunatly I didn't get to see them in action

    I didn't get a good shot of Nick's staghound force but it was also looking sharp