Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vikings for Impetus

I've managed to paint up another two bases of Vikings tonight and two on Thursday night so now have 12 bases worth completed (or 72 Vikings). Tomorrow night's job is to finish basing these four stands. I still need another 4 stands for the Viking army and also another 4-6 for my Norse-Irish army.

My basing system has become a bit more complicated so takes longer than it used to.
1. Base figures- to make it easier I usually base 3 figures before painting and paint them on the base, the others are superglued to a spare offcut of MDF and are added to the base once all are painted.

2. Use Selley's Permafilla for texture and add either a few stones or barkchip to represent larger rocks (if I use barkchip at this stage I also cover the barkchip in a layer of PVA which seals it and also shrinks as it dries to give it a protective coating -an old trick learned painting Esci/Airfix/ Revell 1:72 scale plastics many, many years ago- the PVAs makes a flexible protective coat which paint will adhere to and not flake- an issue anyone who used to paint the old style plastics will not doubt be familiar with)

3. Once the permafilla is dry cover base in PVA and add a layer of beach sand with some larger rocks.

4. Once that is dry undercoat with a black interior house paint- test pot form local DIY store)

5. Dry brush with a dark brown (and dark gray for the rocks) followed by a drybrush of a light brown.

6. Add patches of static grass the base

7. Add clumps of Silfor late autumn grass and also some dark green Woodland Scenic clump foliage for contrast.

A bit involved but I like the finished product.

Here are a few pictures of the Vikings- I'll get some decent ones once the last four bases are finished.

In the foreground is the remains of a LBM transfer- I accidentally cut out a large shield transfer which was too large! What a waste!

Basing System
The bases are 8cm x 5cm- which is what I use for FP (foot protected- heavy foot), my lighter troops are on 8cm x 6cm bases. I now have settled on 6 figures per base 4-5 figures in the front rank with 1-2 in the second, it gives it a nicely animated look.

I have been tempted to make "official" Impetus width bases (12 cm) but our games on a 6x 4 table have found that 8cm (essentially the 15mm scales suggested widths) means we still get to use flanks a lot more than is possible with the larger bases on this size table- and I'm so far down the path with this system now I refuse to change!. If I ever play Jamie or Jason in Christchurch (they are starting to get into Impetus) I will either develop some sabot bases to fit these smaller bases on, or even add some 4cmx5cm bases with 2-3 additional figures to bring them back up to 12cm width. I really don't see it being too much of an issue. Kent is now working on his Crusader army and will be using the same basing system as me and since we are other only 28mm ancients players down here it doesn't matter what system we use!


  1. Hi Craig,

    Those are looking really good. Impetus seems to be promoting production lines all around. I will repurpose my GB ones (since you can play them all-armoured), the ECW Scots have been going well and even Jason had been getting paint onto his. Then Jason has branched into Germans and I've just picked up the 2nd to last box of those cheap Romans from Maelstrom.

    I intend to stick with the 11-11.5 cm bases but I think you have the right idea with spacers. That's how my ECW is set up. The Pike bases are full 11.5 cm Impetus size and I have based all the shotte on 6cm squares. I haven't found it inconvenient to play all those units 2sq to a base, so maybe another alternative is just to have some units made up of squares?

  2. I had consisdered that Jamie- the main reason I'm not is because the stands get a bit unwieldy when trying to place them on some terrain(eg walls and hedges).

    Hope to have 16 stands worth of vikings completed by the end of the week- then it will be onto the Norman Knights or Welsh- maybe the Normans to see how those new Conquest mini's look painted up.

    I also need to start working on some camps- I've my eye on some GB buildings- quite reasonable via War and Peace games in Aussie.