Sunday, March 20, 2011

Syrians for Impetus

Since Kent is working on his Crusaders I thought I'd better get cracking on finishing my Syrians- a nice change from painting Vikings!

I have just finished the bases and painted a stand of light horse- using the new only 2 figures per base system to see if I liked it. The rest of the figures were painted late last year.

I'm happy with the bases- beach sand from Kakanui (simply glued onto the base without any additional highlighting), static grass, Silflor late summer clumps and Woodlands Scenics Olive clump foliage- a nice variety of textures and colours to give the base some interest.

The Cavalry I'm less happy with- I'm not a fan of these Old Glory figures and they will be replaced by Perry's ASAP. However, the 2 figures per base for the Light Horse looks okay so I think I'll keep that. All the heavier Cav is 4 figs per base and I will continue with this arrangement- probably will do so for the Normans as well when I get onto doing those. I've 3 more bases of Turkish light horse and one more of heavier Syrian Cavalry to do first.

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