Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vikings, Saxons & Normans

More 28mm plastics have arrived- more Gripping Beast Vikings and the new Saxons as well as 3x boxes of the new Conquest Normans- I now have a serious backlog of 28mm figures to paint for my Dark Ages project!

I'm pretty impressed by the Normans- plenty of poses, in fact enough figures for 15 cavalry per box (only 12 horses though) and they will be used for a number of armies.

The GB Saxons seem pretty good too. I've so far based up 6 just to see what they look like and they make a nice shield wall. The two sets of GB plastics should interchange quite nicely for even more variety in poses.

My only disappointment with the GB Vikings in that I have just finished a base of metals and some plastics and there is a very noticeable difference in height, the metals stand taller than the plastics (some of whom are hunched over.

Conquest Normans

GB Saxons

Vikings on the left, Saxons on the right.

The closest figure in a BG plastic viking, the taller figure beside him is a GB metal viking.

From another angle, again the figure closest to the camera is plastic the other visible ones are metals- and much taller- although he squat pose on the plastic may account for some of the discrepancy! The flag comes from Ray's excellent collection at Don't throw a 1.


  1. Nice stuff - I'm using all Wargames Foudnary Vikings and Saxons at the moment, so I'd be interested to see how these GB figs stack up against them.

  2. make that Wargames Factory, sorry!

  3. I got a few spruce sof the WGF ones when they first came out- still have them lying round somewhere. I know some people are intermixing the two but to me the WGF ones are just too stilted in their poses. I'm not completely happy with the GB plastic vikings- I prefer their metal ones, but am happy with the look of the Saxons so far- although I've only put 6 together.


  4. Nice looking figures Craig! The height thing has never been a problem to me, after all we are not all the same size. All my Vikings/Saxons/Normans are based up on single bases from a multitude of companies which makes it look a little more realistic, that is if lead soldiers can look realistic!! Nice to see my flag flying high too!!!! Thanks for the link.