Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Welsh have arrived

My Gripping Beast order has finally arrived- delayed no doubt due to the Earthquake- still no sign of the Warlord Games order with my Conquest Games Normans though!

My new GB forces include about 50 Vikings (Hird & Bondi)- the Bondi are destined to be used as my lesser troops and the metal hird were included to sprinkle amongst the plastic GB hird for more variety- about 2 metals and 4 plastics per base.

I also got two unit deals of Welsh- Teulu (heavier armed nobles and troops) and lighter armed Priondaur. I am starting on the lighter troops adding a few Crusader Scots figures for even more variety. Once finished I should have 10 bases worth as well as four of more of Old Glory Welsh for the force. My plan is to use quite dull colours and plain shields for the troops.

Undercoating the Welsh. Hopefully the next shot will be a bit more colourful. These troops may also be morphed into the beginning of an Age of Arthur army- we will wait and see :)

Panzershrek 2011
Panzershrek is NZs (and the World's) oldest FoW comp, held in Palmerston North each July. This year it is a late war doubles comp. I've been in e-mail contact with Poochie and it may be an opportunity for Team Pooch to be ressurected. He's keen and so am I so we are sussing out possible forces- we are leaning towards something American but as to what, that is still open for discussion.



  1. Hi Craig, I am keen to see how those bondi look all painted up.

    Age of Arthur is my favourite period, but I shudder at the thought of buying a proper Romano-British force in metals! I would love there to be a 'generic' sprue (like the armoured warriors that GB made for Vikings/Saxons) made by someone for unarmoured Dark-Age spearmen. I didn't really like the look of the WF Saxons, and now...

  2. I know what you mean- plenty of plastics that are wearing armour, some generic unarmoured ones would be good,. WF are too stilted poses for my liking so not keen on those.

    I've plenty of metal saxons (GB) and so will be able to morph many forces, just adding a few more specialised command type stands.

    There are a couple of metal ranges I've got my eye on- Westwind and Musketeer for early Saxon types.