Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vikings Finished

12 bases worth now complete- 6 to go, although I'll probably halt and 16 and paint some Normans.

My plan is to field:
2x Guard
2xveteran huscarls- large units
4x huscarls- large units
4x huscarls
2x skrimishers- javelins
1x skirmishers- bow

My plan- two large blocks each of one veteran + 2x regular huscarls with the smaller huscarl units protecting the flanks and the guards huscarls in the centre, or flanks depending on where I th8ink they will be the most use.

Tow large blocks of 3 units per block


  1. Craig,

    Looking good, very good.



  2. Cheers Ross

    Even an average paint job looks good enmass. I can't wait to get them on the table- the last 4 stands painted and first part of the basing done tonight.

    Now I just have to arrange a game vs Galpy and my (so far undefeated) Norse-Irish are their javelins.