Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gripping Beast Dark Ages Village

I ordered from War and Peace Games in Australia and they took less than a week to arrive- since the were out of stock on the GB site I was not sure they'd have any in stock but at $20 Aus or less + postage (fixed rate to NZ) they were a damn good buy!

I don't have much in the way of 28mm terrain and at present with so many figures to paint it isn't high on my priority to make any- although I am starting to think about ideas for camps. Anyway, these fill a much needed gap and I will probably add a few more of them in time, I am very happy with the price and the quality of the buildings.

All are painted with a mixture of test pots from a local DIY store.

I intend to make balsa doors for the two with open doors and also make a palisade and watchtower to complete the village- but I' not sure when these projects will get done!


  1. Very nice, sounds like a cheap way to paint, using test pots, I'll have to try that one!!

  2. One of the guys at our club used 4x GW on a single building recently- a waste of money if you ask me. I use test pots for all my basing and terrain- you can even match them to the closest GW paint if you like- and for $NZ 4.50 or there abouts for a 250ml pot they are pretty good value


  3. Those buildings are a great deal and look cool Craig. Sheesh, stop buying cool stuff, I am running out of excuses to run things past my wife!

    I have been reading some LOTR terrain tutorials, and some of those are truely enormous multi-part setups.... and the number of guys who use GW paints is, well, madness. I love the test pots too. I don't know if your hardware store will operate like mine (Bunnings), Ray, but I intentionally choose a shade they do not keep on the shelves so that I end up with a larger pot. They've taken to stocking their usual movers in smaller and fancier looking pots. I prefer a utilitarian pot with twice the volume!

  4. Buildings look good Craig.

    I base my boys with model paint but all my terrian is test pots - a least untill the mother in law notices and does her nut!

    You can build buildings like the above for cheap enough, but given the time taken $20 is well worth it.

    Look forward to seeing the watch tower! You'll need a palisade too of course. I reccomed Sushi matts as they are already tied together!


  5. Craig - these look lovely mate, great job.

    I've got some of these GB building inbound also, to add to my scratchbuilt ones. I too am planning a watchtower and pallisade, but have a church in progress in the meantime. Cheers!