Friday, September 12, 2014


Ah yes, that time has come. Time to sell off some armies I rarely use. Mentioned I was thinking of getting rid of my Confederates to Kent and he told me he plans on selling his Union and sticking to Napoleonic's, so that convinced me it was time to start.

At at some point I'll need to build up another Napoleonic army, the Prussians are the only army that appeals at present but Stephen at the club already has Prussians.

Anyway here are the rebels I'm ditching.

I as tempted to chuck them on ebay but couldn't be arsed with the hassle of international postage so have put them on trademe.

I aim to get rid of a few 28mm ancients armies too eventually.



  1. These guys are priceless Craig! Not just veterans but also winners of Gettysburg!!

  2. Great work, very impressive...beautiful paint job and fantastic bases too...

  3. Great looking ACW figs - and I don't even game the period/genre. Best, Dean

  4. Thanks guys

    They will be replaced by a brigade 's worth at some point. We've now several local people with smaller armies for ACW games so I'll do enough to take part.

    Rodger, they found a good home with Tim at Comics so will no doubt be able to add more batlte honours in future.


    1. Well at least they are still in the right part of the country!