Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bolt Action...somewhere in Russia

Kent and I popped down to the club for a game of Bolt Action with Mark and Jacob. Jacob is a young guy who hasrecently painted up a Soviet army so we each put together a 600pt force.

I ran
Officer & NCO (reg)
2x 8 man Siberian squads (reg)
1x 8 man inexperienced squad (we decided 12 man was too much at 600pts)
1x JS 2

Jacob ran
Some veteran engineers with body armour and flamethrower
1x reg 8 man squad
1x T34/76
1x MMG
1x mortar

Kent had some veteran Germans
Vet HQ
2x 9-10 man squads
1x mortar
1x stug

Mark had
1x Vet HQ
2x Vet squads
1x mortar
1x Stuh

We rolled up Hold Until Relieved with the Germans defending. My Soviets started on table, Jacob's came on from reserve.

My inexperienced squads is by the wall, the Siberians in the cornfields.

 Germans hold the objective
 Turn 1 the Stuh and supporting infantry arrive on table and make a mess of the inexperienced squad.

My JS and and supporting infantry arrive.
 The Siberians scout round a wood.
 The stug and stuh both on table.
 Jacob;s T34 and supporting infantry on our right flank.
 Kent taking a few selfies :)
 Kent ambushes my infantry, killing 6 men!
 In the centre my other siberian platoon are also pinned down by the two holding the building. The JS 2 misses the infantry (again).
 More German reinforcements.
 Infantry advance towards the village, covered by the stug. A stug shell glances off the front armour of the JS 2.
 The Stuh and T34 square off.
 Who's ya daddy? JS 2 vs stug. And the winner is... Nbody, we'll call it a draw although the JS 2 managed to immobilsie the stug (I tried to ignore it as much as I could but kept missing the infantry so took a pot shot at the stug eventually).
 Tony did an outstanding job on the Perry shack.
 Suddenly my pinned Siberian squad was down to two men.
 The Stuh races over o the right flank where the Soviet poineers hsve destroyed another squad
 The Germans launch a counter attack vs the sole survivor of my other Siberian squad (he was the sole survivor of an assault that killed one of the defending squads).
 Another view of the little house on the steppe.
 Things not looking good for the Soviets.

The Germans held us off, we did't coordinate our attack very well. Jacob did well though, destroying most of Mark's force but the JS 2 wasn't such a good use of points at 600 pts. However, it looked cool and at the end of the day, that's what it is all about:)

The 600 pt command idea worked well. We had 2 dice bags, one ofr each pair so two players went at once (rolling off to see who acted first if both sides wanted to shoot at each other) and kept the game moving.

Stephen  did a great job on the Debris of War walls, they look great. I really msut finish my own ones off.


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