Saturday, September 6, 2014

BA Soviets

Another of the BA forces I've been meaning to finish is the Soviet force for Finn. We've  also a new young player down at TAG who has a Soviet force so thought I'd better get enough finished to be able to run  a platoon to support his force in a multi-player game- hopefully this Weds.

 This beast arrived last night, nothing says late war better than a JS 2. It's gun is quite impressive in Bolt Action (2D6 HE and +6 anti tank gun) and is capable of making a mess of infantry or tanks. However, at 320pts for regular it isn't cheap- especially when we intend to play 600pt multiplayer games!

I've done a pretty simple paint jib (vlejo reflective green, dark tone ink wash, then drybrush of Luftwaffe camo green and olive green) but am happy with the way its turned out.

 An SMG/Tank rider squad. Mainly made from the Warlord plastics which I've decided I quite like. They are a bit basic and a pain to put together but they paint up well enough. I just wish there were more SMGs on the sprues. The basing was supposed to be the base coat then I was going to add some static grass but have decided I like the earth/rocky look so just added some winter grasses as contrast.

 For mid war I've a orb 43 model of the T34/76. This like the JS 2 is a Warlord model and it was also painted last night- though I missed the hull MG and need to do that.

 A rifle squad.  A mixture of Warlord Plstics and BTD figs.
 Medium mortar- based as I had intended to base the entire force.
 Some WIP. Black Tree Design Soviets. Although not bad minis some of the BTD design figures have really strange looking helmets, so they have been replaced with spare Warlord Game plastic ones.

And the Early War Germans are ready for action. 



  1. Great looking Soviets! Wow - that JS-2 is massive!

  2. Loving the JS-II- especially given the small points games!

    What will their opponents be? Perhaps Hungarians?

    1. Yep, already involved- you know how much I love Nimrods

      Just need to get some Hungarian infantry

  3. Beautiful 28mm Soviet T-34/76 and troops!