Monday, September 29, 2014

BA- dug in markers

One of the (some would say many) things Bolt Action doesn't do well is dug in troops- in fact they are missing from the main rule book, which in to my mind is a very serous omission! Quite often in our games we allow defender to start dug in rather than using the rules in the rulebook of being hidden.
We use a modified version of the rules from the Alligtor Creek scenario on the Warlord Games website.

Dug in 

  • Hard cover (-2 hit)
  • Extra protection: 6+ to kill (modified by penetration rating of the weapon as per normal) 
  • If a unit executes a run, advance or charge order it loses the the dug in status for the restvof the game. 
  • Number of hits caused by artillery is halved. 
  • In close combat both sides fight simultaneously. 
The markers are made out of MDF, balsa, coffee stirrers and permafiller. I still have to add a row of sandbags to the top of the dug in markers but am waiting to get hold of some Das modelling clay to do that. 



  1. Yeah! Great idea, I need to do something like that for myself.

  2. This brings back memories of a certain other scale ww2 game and us making these, but that was a loooong time ago now! I love the, just make them youself attitude Craig... uv still got it great to see.
    they look good mate :D gd idea with the sandbags

  3. Cheers Guys.

    Andy, I was tempted to make some similar to my old FoW :) Am keen to make some proper trench systems at some point as well.