Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Roads made from felt

Stephen from the Cavaliers club in Christchurch asked me some time ago if I'd mind making some roads for their club. He supplied the felt, which arrived for Day of Days, and I got some No More Gaps filler and went about making some up last night. A simple process, I cut the felt into 18" and 2 ft lengths then liberally covered the strips with No More Gaps. This was then smoothed with an off cut of wood and ruts scratched into the surface using a nail.

Once dried, I paint it. The advantage of this method is that the road is nice and flexible and will travel over most hills and uneven surfaces. Not sure how much the felt cost but I made 60 ft of roads in a couple of hours.



  1. Very effective Craig! Great work mate.

  2. These look great. How wide did you make them? I want to do some around 3/4 of an inch and wondering if that is going to make applying the No More Gaps a bit tricky.