Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ACW and Celts

 I painted up a few bits and pieces for tonight's Black Powder ACW game- a couple of generals, 2 stands of skirmishers and a unit of artillery.

Impetvs Celts
I also painted up another 4 stands of Celts over the past couple of nights. The Celts no number 14x stands. I've had a change f heart and decided not to do smaller bases for the rear rank in large units but add another regular unit instead- simply because it involves more figures and I like the massed look.

The last 4 stands combine 3x Foundry Celts and 3x plastic Warlord Games ones- the to ranges fit niely together and the metals just add a bit more variety in the army.
 I'm waiting for some more LMB studio transfers to finish off the round shields.

The army assembles.


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