Monday, March 4, 2013

FoW- Chaffees

I spent a few days in Wellington for work last week, managing to catch up with Poochie and John H. John showed me the plans he's had drawn up for the Battle of Nations 200th anniversary refight for this October- very, very impressive and I look forward to seeing his next big game develop.

Poochie and I are currently mulling ides over for Panzershrek 2013. I am very tempted to join him for this year assuming it aligns with other family/work commitments, we will see. 

 At Day of Days one of our local sci-fi gamers bought some FoW stuff to get started on a LW panzer company and is keen for a game soon, so thought it was a good opportunity to get cracking on finishing off another of those permanently side tracked projects, a US Light tank (Chaffee) company. I've loved the chaffee model ever since I made  a1:76 scale matchbox one so many years ago.

I have had 4 BF white resin ones for a long time (almost 10 years?) and got some of the new ones recently so have put them together. The new ones are quite a bit wider than the earlier ones.

 New BF left, old BF right. In separate platoons the difference isn't enough to worry about.
 Old BF chaffees.
 And a group shot.
AT 10 and 16" movement the have plenty of mobility but their armour is  thin (FA 4) so have a use with caution label on them.

I intend to back them up with some infantry and hellcats. Having faced Bob's Chaffees at the Masters last year I think that some infantry to support could be a useful addition.

I am aiming at this:

            Vet light Tanks (Devil's Charge)  
2x        Chaffees       165
4x        Chaffees       325
4x        Chaffees       325
1x        Greyhound & 2x jeeps        90
4x        Hellcats (vets)     410
3x        Priests + Obs Sherman, half track            225
1x        Rifle Coy (Vets)- 3 bazookas,        210



  1. I dig those Chaffees as well, that list has been tempting me.
    Instead I will paint ACW minis!

    1. I think it should have a reasonable balance but the chaffees are pretty vulnerable

      I played ACW last night and as Stephen couldn't make it
      I was a tad short so more ACW about to begin...