Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ACW Black Powder

Kent, Stephen and I got together for another game of Black Poder tonight. This time we used points.

Stephens Brigade (5 battalions + artillery) consisted of sharp shooters and Veterans.

I took 2x 4 regiment brigades, one with rebel yell, the other were veterans. Kent using a Keep it Simple policy made everyone veterans.

Deployment- I forgot my new fences, doh!

My Rebels learning their lesson last week surged forward and grabbed the stables.

 Kent sent a regiment to capture the building and in the end they destroyed to of my regiments!.

 Meanwhile Stephen's brigade managed a rather haphazard advance due to some poor command rolls.
 The rebel centre (my veterans) also refuses to advance on command. Not a good start.
 Kent occupies an important field, allowing him to possibly enfilade Stephen's brigade.
 A view from Kent's lines. Things seem to be going well so far.

 Stephens troops continue to advance though my new field from Hotz Terrain.
 A regiment occupies the hedgeline.
 Finally my veterans close the gaping hole in our centre.

 Fierce fight fights develop- each turn Kent manages to disorder at least 6 of my regiments!
 Slowly though the game swings towards the Confederates. Kent has to brigades taking a mauling.
 Spot the disorder markers on my troops- grrr.
 Hey where did Kent's centre go? Finally after three battles we've broken a command!
 The final assault, the Union brigade breaks and Kent's 2nd brigade is destroyed. A comprehensive victory to the South.
One change we made this game was use the Contemptibles turn order:
This meant you could disprder a unit and then assualt it. However, infantry were only allowed to assault disordered or shaken regiments. It worked well.



  1. Very nice AAR ! Thanks !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Great report and photos Craig. Nice to see the South on the winning side!

    1. It took awhile to achieve but we got there Rodger

  3. Good report. Interesting to see how the change in turn sequence affected things.

    1. One of the problems with the standard turn sequence is that you can never charge vs disordered units as you move- fire- assault. So the target unit can always remove disorder at the end of their turn BEFORE you can charge. This order allows you to disorder then charge home and assault BUT you are only allowed to charge vs disordered/ shaken units so are forced to engage in a fire fight first rather tha charge home vs a fresh unit. Seemed to work fine