Monday, February 11, 2013

ACW + Irish

To batteries of Confederate artillery are now finished as are 4 stands of skirmishers. We use 2 guns per battery as it looks better to us. I've also made another 4 bases of rough going.

 The skirmishers will be either used in 2 small units of 2 stands or a single stand placed in front of a normal regiment when using a mixed formation. .

 And my Irish army assembles for Dux Bellorum:

1x        Foot Companions
2x        Noble Warriors
4x        Ordinary Warriors
2x        Foot Skirmishers (Javelin)
1x        Wardogs (borrowed from my Celts)



  1. Very nice work on those guns Craig. The North had better watch out for us!

  2. Great stuff, I keep returning to your blog, you may well be onto something with the smaller bases for Impetus.... And of course Dux Bellorum....