Thursday, November 8, 2012

US Rifles + Impetvs

On Tuesay night I repainted & rebased about 20 stands of US infantry & Bazooka teams so I can field 2x platoon + supports.

Last night Stephen's new later Crusader army took on my Seljuks in a 400 pt game of Impetvs. Simon an i took a Seljuk command each an after a promising start Stephen release his knights an the crushed us in short order. It was an enjoyable game even though we lost an we are looking forward t a rematch. Next time, if Kent can make it we ill have 4x 300 pt commands involve.

The core of the Crusader army, hospitaller knights. Stephen had this army painted in Sri Lanka but has base them up himself an they are looking good. 
 The foot knights advance across the plains of Anatolia.
 Only to run into several bans of marauding Seljuk cavalry.
 A view from Simon's position.
 Alas our centre- which happened to be 4 units of skirmishers an a single stand of javelinmen has just imploded- funny that! The skirmishers ere caught too far from broken ground an ran own by the rampaging knights.


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