Thursday, November 8, 2012

ACW Reinforcements

For the ACW project several of us went in together to get put in a bulk order with Perry Miniatures. The Perry's came to the party with the price.  There is still a lot of stuff we need (a couple of the guys still want another 8 division deals between them, yikes!) but as you can see the guys are getting into the swing of things and gearing up for Operation Gettysburg.

This lot should keep them busy for a wee while! 


  1. OMG do i count 29 boxes plus all the metals?????? wow you guys are nuts lol

    looking forward to the results :)

  2. Sounds about right (+ Kent's stuff :). We still have to get an additional 8x divisional deals (that's 32 more boxes :). None of the boxes are mine however, I'm waiting for the new plastic Conferates to be released before getting any more plastics (though I did get a few metals to bulk out my army). I have had to split the order in half as she who must be obeyed would not be too impressed if it came out of the visa all at once :)

  3. So, we will not be short of fig's then!!!

  4. You're doing Gettysburg in 28mm!!! We're doing it in 6mm in 2013 and we think that is a daunting task. Doing it in 28mm I assume its taking place in an aircraft hangar? You have my undying admiration for taking oin such a mammoth task.

    1. The Southern Strategies are organising it using Fire N Fury rules. I think we need about 500 stands per side and are well on the way. No aircraft hanger but a rather large hall :)