Monday, November 26, 2012

Commission Figurines Buildings

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some of the new Commission Figurines buildings, they are absolutely love. Laser cut MDF

The one thing i don't like about them is the bases. They come in four parts but I'd rather have then as a single piece they have cobblestones engraved on them but I'm going not have to base the base and this is a bit an an annoyance- however this is a minor quibble as they building are very nicely detailed. 
 As you can see the snap together easily.

My only other issue is the Albrecht Strausse. It came with 2 ends the same and they don't match up to the ruins and will need to  be modified to fit. I will contact Commission figurines to make sure it was not a simple packing error first.

It looks like I have a spot of painting to do... They will be very handy for Day of Days next February, our theme is the Relief of Stalingrad to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the end of the battle
Also my Hungarians are now ready for battle. I have painted up the Zyrinis and some Hungarian Nebelwerfers.

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  1. The buildings look great. This laaser cutting thing is really taking off!!