Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crusades and ACW

 In the last three nights I've painted up two more regiments of ACW, so that makes 10 down, 6 to go. Most are Perry miniatures, most are plastics but the two commands are metals as are the guys in jackets and there are a couple of Steve barber models thrown in for variety All the plastics have had the heads swapped for the more interesting Steve Barber models heads. The flags are from the internet.I've also managed to get hold of some of the new Army Painter Dark Tone wash and really like the effect it gives. I never went for the original product as it seemed far too messy and to much clean up involved but the new water based wash dries in a few minutes and gives a similar result to the original. I can see me using a lot of this stuff. 

I have also been working on the Armenians for the crusades, now having 9 bases of heavy foot. I've sapped a few figures round so that the bases are more varied and dynamic and added a few Crusaders and Muslim figures for more variety. I have also sapped most of the soft metal spears for the brass ones which are smaller and much stronger. I have a couple of bases to complete this process on but have run out of brass spears to do so   

 Bring out your dead. Perry miniatures casualties figures for disorder markers. I've rebased them and put them on small FoW bases. 


  1. Excellent paint work, dude! I do like the flags in particular. what materials to you use for them?

    1. Thanks

      The Aremenian flags are Little Big Man Studio ones for the Byzantines I figured they'd probably be of similar styles.


  2. Cheers Engel. They are nice and colourful and didn't disgrace themselves in tonight's game

  3. Replies

    1. We are getting there Rodger.

      Kent's massed production method will no doubt overtake me soon.