Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Armenians? What happened to ACW?

Another slight diversion. Tonight we are having a multiplayer game of Impetvs, 4x 300 pt commands so I decided I needed a few reinforcements. I am not a fan of the Perry Armenian figures- not enough variation on the poses for my liking so having read Armies and Enemies of the Crusades where it stated that the Frankish arms and equipment soon came to predominate and that a mixture of Frankish, Muslim and Byzantine gear was in widespread use I decided to add a few of the Crusader heavy infantry to make the stands more interesting.

Arabising some Perry Crusader knights.

 I've added turbans to some of the Crusader infantry to make them more "Middle Eastern".
 The 300 pt Armenian army for tonight's game assembled:                                                                                          

Commander: Fair (+2 leadership)            
·         4x CP Nobles *                     Impetuous
·         5x FP Infantry                       Longspear
·         2x  FL Infantry                      Javelin
·         2x T Merc Crossbows          Shortbow B
·         2x T Shortbow                      Shortbow A
·         2x S Shortbow                     Shortbow B
 The Armenian Knights.

 Skirmishers, bows and javelin armed light infantry.
 Heavy infantry and two units of mercenary crossbows.
 A side shot- they are looking pretty good. 

 The new stand of heavy cavalry finished.
 And the two new stands of heavy foot- they turned out pretty good

Kent is supporting them with a horde of Seljuks. He will learn how fragile the Seljuk army is in the face of the heavy knights of the Crusaders but I think our two forces should compliment each other well.

I'll get to work on the ACW tomorrow night.



  1. Certainly very impressive troops Craig. They look fantastic and the basing is awesome too!