Wednesday, October 24, 2012

LW Motorised Panzer Grenadiers

A busy couple of nights while I await the Perry order. I’ve rebased two more platoons of DAK, as wwell as HMGs, mortars and a couple more pak 36r AT guns, so I’ve now 4 platoons finished. Last night I also repainted:4x marders, 1x hornise (finally found the fourth AWOL hornisse) and put together my first kingtiger (which was a bit tricky to do actually) and painted it up in an ambush scheme. Added to that I repainted 3x pak 40s, 3 pumas and a Stuka Ze Fuss so all told it was a bit mad really. 

The main reason I’ve been painting LW Germans is that I had some much fun with the motorised panzer grenadiers at Conquest that I am going to do the same, albeit in LW, for the Masters in  Wellington. I’ve run a few, okay a lot of, random ideas past Poochie and Bede and have narrowed it down to the following list.

            LW Motorised PGs (Grey Wolf, p80)
            HQ      45
7x        MG teams + P/K       190
7x        MG teams      185
5x        Armoured Pioneers (5x 251s)        210
            2x Stuka Ze Fuss     70
3x        Pak 40s          155
4x        Marder II         260
1x        Kingtiger        345
3x        Werfers + extra crews          180
2x        37mm AA half tracks           110
I have tried to include everything that want to run (and have almost managed it, I’m only missing pumas from my must run list). However, the main goal has been to try and squeeze in a platoon of armoured panzer pioneers with a Stuka Ze Fuss or two, and a king tiger. I don’t expect the tiger to do much but the heaviest armour I usually run LW are marder IIs and panzer IVs or stugs so it will make for a major change. 

 Originally I had intended to go Motostrelkovy but Bede thinks there are probably a lot more Allied than German forces at present so that decided it for me. Anything to try to minimise the number of blue on blue games.


As you see the panzerwerfers need to be repainted.


  1. A lot of good work there Craig, and an idea I have been pondering myself; dropping my half tracks and switching my GPgs to Pgs... Still the mobility of the trucks when needed 'and safe', yet they now count as Infantry rather than Mech, but still keep the MG teams :-)

    Keep the AARs coming, I'm keen to see how you run them...

  2. Nice collection of toys. They look really good.

  3. Cheers Guys

    They are gtting there

    It still has some mobility- i like the idea of Lehr as well but find a full panzer pioneer force a bit too expensive to field. am hoping to get up to CHCH for a playtest day in the next couple of weeks