Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Impetvs- Germans vs Imperial Romans

Its been a while, the German have been skulking in the forests, licking their wounds and dreaming of beating the dastardly Romans- after all what have they ever done for us? We had a small 300 pt battle, Dave and Stephen vs Simon and me somewhere in the depths of Germania.

The Romans prepare for the onslaught. 
 And move forward to goad the Germans into a rash move- not exactly difficult when most of your troops are impetuous.
 Dave's command wheels to face my Germans that are threatening to sneak round the far flank- sneak? Us?
 Stephen sends the auxillia forward to clear the woods of Germans.
 As you can see our small cavalry command is on the far right, Simon holds the centre. Dave's command is pivoting to face all Simon and my infantry.
 Simon's warband are flanked by the Auxillia but put up a brave fight and eventually destroy them! If we'd lsot the combat we's have lost this large unit of infantry.
 The combat on the far left flank- cavalry face off vs legionnaires.
 The cowardly Roman cavalry evade but are caught by the German Cav but in the end the battle swings in the Romans favour and they win this one.
 The Roman Cav has just caught Simon's general's and accompanying warband in the flank and ridden them down! The macemen in the foreground are looking for something, or someone, to bash.
 The macemen run into the wall that is Dave's legionnaires while my troops at last start to get close to the action.
 The other macemen unit catches the Roman cavalry in the flank and destroy them- the Romans are starting to look pretty shaky.
 At last my infantry charge into the Roman line and start slaughtering them.
 Unfortunately a couple of the combats are indecisive and we get stuck hacking our way though the lines.
 The final turn the large warband in the foregorund is about to charge home and win glory for
the Germans...

It as a close run affair, We managed to break both Roman commands in the last turn but alas also managed to lose our Cavalry command AND on the final throw of the dice Simon lost a unit which put his command under half strength too, so we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Although to be fair, both ides broke. In fact my command was all that as left on table so therir as nothing left to do but survey the battlefiel, before stomping back to their forests- as usual a close fun game that went down to the wire. So close and yet so far...One day the Germans will have a clear cut victory!

This weekend I'm off to Wellington for Bedecon and hope that my motostrelkovy do okay-  they will definitely be getting some on the job training.



  1. Nice army's and great photos. Makes me want to paint more Romans and celts.

  2. Very cool, Craig. I love how Impetvs always produces such well matched games with such different forces.

    Good luck at bedecon.