Thursday, October 11, 2012

FoW: Conquest 2012

Next weekend is the 10th Conquest.  I've played Flames at them all so am looking forward to the weekend.

The next couple of weekends is the 70th anniversary of Alamein so the theme for the event is the (third) Battle of Alamein. I was tempted to run a tank company after last weekend for some quick games (either Panzers of Carri) but there are already several panzer companies so decided to go with the panzer grenadiers- though I am tempted to run them as pioneers (losing a pak 38 if I do go down that line). This force is built round my back up force for the Worlds a couple of years ago but have added some Semovante's at the expense of my second marder platoon (mainly so I'm not too similar to Chris Ws force). I have included the Bison mainly as the models look cool, not because I expect them to do anything useful, and have picked equipment (marders, semovante and bison) as I like the models more than because of what I expect them to do on table. I as tempted to take carri instead of Semovante's but as far as I'm aware there are no Semovante's being taken so it would be wrong not to include them for the weekend.  

The army assembled.
 2x infantry platoons (one with 2x pak 38s)
 Artillery: pak 36rs- mainly for their 32" range.
 Bison, Semovante and Marder IIIs.

I've to paint up a staff team for the artillery but otherwise it is good to go.



  1. Nice work fella, they look great. You're very brave taking Italian armour into battle - most of it was covered in empty baked bean cans and tin foil.

    1. At least the Semovantes have a double layer of baked beans and a pop gun that can foot it with most of the expected armour- except for the odd Sherman

  2. Looking good Craig! The Auzzies will have to be on their game to get through that!

    Like the 76mms, they are a really nice touch. That gun shield looks so different to anything else, it is cool.

    So 10 years, how many have you won? We must have played each other in pretty much every one of them too!

  3. They are pretty cool- it was a toss up between them and the 25 pdrs but I want the direct fire range more than smoke- and they do look cool. You can also add them to the PG platoons but they are a bit hard to hide so prefer the Pak 38.

    I've placed in all them (except the year we did that Arnhem Demo),6 firsts (including our first Equal as Team Pooch), a 2nd, and 3rd in the first which was won by some pimply faced young upstart who went on to become the first ever FoW Junior Champion of the World. Having said that its aobut time I came last and have probably just jinxed myself.

    How are the Aussies coming along.


  4. They are a whole lot harder to hide than a PaK 38!

    We had a 1st equal last year too, I think I have won a couple and had a couple of draws with you- certainly not 6! That is very impressive!

    Aussies are coming along nicely actually. Although some ACW books have arrived to distract me...

  5. That's true. I have to get some ACW books soon too.