Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Black Powder

We managed a game of Balck Powder at the club tonight. Kent and Lewis, vs Stephen, Simon and myself. Stepphen has completed to batttalions of Prussians so it was 11 battalions of infantry per side. The French used two comands (5 and 6 battalions) while we used 3 (4-4-3).

Some poor command rolls mean the French advance is somewhat uncoordianted.
 Even so Kent gets a unit quickly onto my flank- as per usual.
 On the far left the Prussians (who can actually shoot) engage in a fire fight vs Lewis' command.
 In the centre though a couple of French battalions are broken and the Russians go onto the attack.
 Kent's command breaks (for the first time ever) and eimon and my troops pivot left to aid Stephen while the French cavalry ride onto salvage some pride.
 End game. This battalion of Lewis' is about to get annihilated.

As it turned out Kent's command dice early on cost him dearly with him lauching several haphazard and ill-coordinated advances allowing us to gang up on his units and destroy them piecemeal. I am happy to report the first ever Russian victory- though the Prussians claim it was due to their input . At the end of the game we had smashed Kent's command and Lewis' was in serious trouble whilst the cavalry, which had arrived late for both sides,  was clashing on our far left flank.


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  1. Good to see the Russians came through for you Craig even if it was with some help from the Prussians!