Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ACW- Anderson's Brigade

A bit of a painting mission in the past three nights, I've manged to complete two more units (8 stands- about 44 figures) of Rebels. For the Gettysburg game we are using a 1:150 ratio and I am aiming to bring Hood's First Division of the Army of North Virginia. 

Troops strengths (in stands) for our Fire n Fury game are as follows:   
Hood's Division
Law:                                        14
G. Anderson                            12 
Robertson                               12 
Benning                                   10
Artillery: 3 

So I have completed Anderson's Brigade which consisted of the 8th, 9th, 11th and 59th Georgia regiments.

I also have 4 other stands done to start the next brigade. I had intended to do 4 stands per regiment for Black Powder but looking at them last night decided that if I go with 3 stands all I need is to add 2x command stands and I’ll already have 6 regiments done so I think I might use 3 stand regiments in the short term as it will allow me to get a force table ready faster.

I’ve added a few of the Perry casualty figures to the last few stands for a bit of variety. 



  1. Excellent work Craig! JBH would be very proud to see these guys advancing on the Union lines.