Monday, October 8, 2012

ACW Steve Barber models

Got a few packs of Steve Barber models to add variety to the Perry plastics- the sculpts and styles fit nicely together and the Steve Barber models came with spare heads. The models themselves are multipart: head, torso, and legs. They take less than a minute to put together and you get to make each figure look different by simply changing the postion of the head or body. There are 150 heads in the range apparently so almost endless variety. I did a couple of conversions to the Perrry plastics by simply replacing the heads with Steve Barber ones. The they fit well sizewise with the Perry plastics so I will be defeintely be ordering more heads to make the my Rebels look much less homogenous.

The newly converted:

As you can see below the size and body proportions are very similar  (both ranges are slender figures).

I really look forward to painting these guys up and can definitely recommend Steve Barber Models- I will be getting more of them that's for sure!

FoW update: Bedecon
Winterfest (Bedecon) done and dusted. Five good games over the weekend, vs some good players. There were over thirty players and the motostrelk somehow burgled third- but there were about 10 players one or two points behind so it was very, very tight and I was very surprised to actually get a place- I think I can thank Tom Leamy's dice in our last game for the placing actually (they were that bad), and I think he'd agree. Will try to post a bit of a report this evening.

As hoped my Sukas bagged a panther- Bake no less, though they caught him with his pants down (bogged) it was still funny! Go the SU 76s! 



  1. Jeez Craig my dice were fantastic all game - it must have been your vastly superior tactical decision making :)


    1. Yeah, right!

      I was not looking forward to having to assault all those fearless, Soviet hating infantry that's for sure- I was not expecting your attempted schwerpunckt (sp) and am very happy the dice gods thought it a silly idea as it would have had a major impact on the game and was a very, very sound tactic- I'm just happy it didn't work out!

      I look forward to a rematch next year- if it wasn't so expensive I'd try to make a lot more Wellington comps as you have a great bunch of players up there.