Sunday, May 27, 2012

Southcon Conscript Tankovy

I've finally settled on my force for next weekend's Southcon. list is submitted an we are good to go- i'm jsut waiting for a Stuart to turn up for my battalion commander.

  Soviet Tankovy- Fearless Conscripts
1x M3A1 Stuart 40
8x M3A1 Stuarts 265
8x M4A2 Shermans 525
  6x 50 cal AA MGs 30
4x SU 122 245
9x Razvedki in M3A1s- SMGs (FT) 230
3x BA 64- 1x AT rifle (FT) 75
  Sporadic I-153s 90

It was a tough call between 10 Shermans and the armoured cars but in the end I felt that armoured cars lifting GtG for the SU 122s could work well. The Su 122s have been a staple in my razvedki, strelkovy and tank forces for many uyears annd find that they usually perform well. This has pretty much reverted to my standard tankovy except that I've swapped T70s for Stuarts and T34s for Shermans. We will soon know how it fares but I think it should do okay.

 I've got to say how impresssed I am with the PSC plastics I've bought (Shermans and panzer IVs)- very well sculpted and for a fraction of the price of BF resins. I've plenty of BF resins but the reality is these plastics are both good quality and value for money and so, like many people, I can't see me getting BF models for larger forces where PSC have alternatives these days.
The razvedki- between the Shermans and M3A1 scout cars i have a lot of 50cal mgs to dig out any dug in infantry/gun teams.
 The I-153- a great wee model.
 Stuarts- these were part of Dale's crazy Hoeny horde (32 honeys!) he used to run but slowly we've managed to swap/buy half of them off him and so breathe a sigh of relief in desert games- 32 honeys were a pain to face.
 The mighty SU 122- pants in an anti-tank role in real life but pretty sweet under FoW.


  1. That's an impressive force there Craig. Good luck and enjoy the comp.

  2. Looking good Craig

    Wish I could attend but alas still in Aussie til weekend.

  3. Looks exceedingly solid Craig. Soviet Stuarts are now cool once more! Good luck for Southcon.

  4. Cheers, I hope it does okay. I'm not sure on the recon- I could squeeze in 2 more Shermans instead but am hoping lifting GtG + 122s will work together. I'm also not sure if 122s will count as breakthough guns- a bonus if they do.

    With the new H&C Germans tanks once again have to worry about their flanks.


  5. Maybe there will be enough clarifications re: the MW stalines now, from the MWGT, to give us some sort of 'standard' for MW events? Recce could be iffier now, with the V3 rules, but I think eight is probably enough for the Shermans. Probably. I would take ten (or nine and an extra stuart or two) but once the units get to a size of eight they are big enough to not be testing after getting hit but the first volley of AT fire. I think I worry more about MW German ATGs than MW German tanks, in V3 so can see the appeal of the recce.

  6. Craig, ATM some TOs are sticking to the arsenals for MW Comps,so will be a good idea to check if the SU-122 get BG ? BTW,that list was almost the one i came up with when i dropped the Churchills. Great minds and all that ?

  7. Am checking with the TO- I don't really careeitehr way re BT gun. I'd like a 4th armoured car but soething has to give, will try ot keep 3 of them alive.

    Yep Jamie- ned to watch out for pak 38s vs Stuarts & pak 40s vs Shermans- those guns will take a lot of prioritising


    1. The easiest way to get the 4th BA-64, to put the Razvedki in Sd Kfz 251/1s ?

  8. True but I'd rather have 50 cal armed M3A1s