Monday, May 7, 2012

Borodino 200th Anniversary Refight- CHCH NZ

 We have been kicking round this idea for a while now and I've just spoken to John Hutton who is organising the OOB. Our aim is to spend the weekend of Sept 8/9 2012 refighting Borodino in 28mm on several large tables using Black Powder.  We are now looking for a venue in CHCH (aren't we Poochie)  as it is a central location for people coming from other parts of the country.

We will need an insane number of 28mm figures for it  including:
  •  64 battalions of French and allies
  • 44 cavalry regiments
  • 63 battalions of Russian infantry
  • 21 Cav battalions

+ assorted odds and sods- John assures me it is doable.

So anyone interested in joining us for this madness- and perhaps painting up a few units for it, please feel free to join us.

John's plan is to divide the game into sectors- left/right flanks and centre as well as reserve tables.

People will be welcome to join for the whole weekend, or simply for a few hours but the moer the merrier. It should be a lot of fun.

So how many people can provide green 6x4 GW cloths?  we will need about 10 :)



  1. I wish you success with your plans. Wish I was closer to you and had some troops worth contributing. BP is a game I readlly enjoy. Rather than GW cloths - you could try your local spotlight store and get some rolls of green felt / baize. Or even get some old bedsheets and dye them green...

  2. We have plenty of other cloths- Kent and I have 2 each and want them to all look the same if we can.


  3. Well as per my mail, I got 1/3 of the russians and a growing force of french :)

    As for cloths, I only have a bit tired looking piece of green felt


  4. I have 12 battalions worth of Russian infantry and 4 more to paint at present and will work on gettng some of the cav units done- to add to your massive amount!