Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Impetvs- Germans vs Romans 400pts

We got a game of Impetvs in tonight, Kent and Stephen using the Romans vs Barrry and me and the ancient Germans.

Simon had come up with a cunning plan to help the germans- more commands! Unfortunatley hee was not there to help us to run them.

We had 4 commands:
  • 3x Cav
  • 2x large (elite) warband, 2x macemen & 2x javelins (skirmishers)
  •  2x large (elite) warband, 2x warband &1x javelins (skirmishers)
  • 2x large warband, 1x 1x javelins (skirmishers)

Kent and Stephen had tow command with approximately:
  • 1x light horse
  • 6x legionnaires
  • 4x auxillia
  • 3x Gallic warband
  • 2x bows
  • 2x skirmishers (bow)
  • 2x skirmishers (slingers)

Our plan was simple- hold everything we could on opportunity and see what happened- well not much of a plan.

The Romans deploy.

 Macemen and my large elite command, screen by cavalry, then Barry's elite warband and the small command on our right flank.
 Our only move on turn 1- the German cavalry advance.

 Stephen advances his auxillia and skirmishers on our far rigth whilst we hold back all our warband for another turn.

And on turn 2 pin the only light cav the Romans have against a wood- preventing them from evading. Alas we "stuck."
The next turn the medium cavalry destroys the Roman light cav. First blood to the Germans.
 Meanwhile on our right falnk Barry (the Batavian) unleashes his warband at the auxillia.
 The warband seem to have the upper hand, forcing back the auxillia, and bows.

Kent's troops continue their advance against our centre.In the distance my own Cav have just run over an auxillia and are about to be charged in the flank (and destroyed).

 On the right the warband get the better of Stephen's auxllia and legionnaires- not hard when you keep rolling like this! Barry had a great night of dice rolling and this helped him chew through Stephen's troops.
The warband appear to be unstoppable.
 The final turn- Barry's elite warband are about to crush the auxillia while my cav are lining up the legionnaires.
 The macemen are also thrown in and the combat sticks.

Final result:
A a marginal victory to the Germans due to lack of time- Kent's command was in serious trouble and nearly broken, Stephen's was a bit fresher but still things were not looking good for the Romans.

The four commands worked really well and gave us lots of flexibility when it came to moving- and fighting. Keeping the Germans in check as long as possible also worked in our favour and allowed us to throw troops at where the Roman line looked weaker or was not deployed properly.

A fun game and one which showed that there is some hope for the 'Erman's "Airy  'Ordes.



  1. Great report including pictures. The base dimensions are as used in the rulebook ?

  2. No, we use 8cm wide bases rather than the suggested 12cm which means we need a tabe 50% narrower to get sweeping battles- using 12cm widths we'd need a 9ft wide table to get the same amount of width to the games.


    1. Hi Craig,

      Thanks for this info.
      I really like the look of this and even though I have yet to encounter anyone playing Impetus in The Netherlands I am defenitely going to start on building a couple of matching armies with Impetus in mind.


  3. Hi Rene

    It's a fun rulset, I highly recommend it


  4. Good to see the Germans doing well. They've switched to not allowing them the large unit discount for the second base in tournaments, so they must have something going for them! I actually wanted to get some Germans of my own but now they'll have to be the desert '42 kind...


  5. The 4 commands was the key- it gave us a lot more flexibility and helped make up for our poor command rating- the closest we've managed to a victory with warband. Of course Barry rolling crazy dice all night helped.I thinnk narrowier boards plays to their strengths too as they get into combat much faster but we prefer a bit more depth to the table and so tend to take mroe attrition before hitting the Roman lines.