Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A couple of playtests

Tony has just finished the King and Kerr buildings I got for the club- he has done an outstanding job on them!

Dale and I managed a couple of playtests tonight.

Dale ran:
2x full FJ platoonss
2x pak 38s
2x trained 88s
1x tiger
Priority HS 129s.

Game 1: Hasty Assualt
I lost 3 stuarts to the HS 129s on turn 1 but the polikarpovs paid for themselves in spades on turn 2. A single plane dodged some 88 fire and knocked out the tiger! Shermans and stuarts then charged the 88s MGing them to death with a MG fire and from there it was one way traffic. 6-1.

The Germans deploy.

Polikarpovs for the win!
 A classic pincer move on the 88s.

Game 2: Pincer
Ambushing 88s so I drove my recce as far forward as I could. The 88s, tiger and HS 129s took care of 6 Shermans on turn 1 but on turn 2 the SU 122s moved forward and rolled 2x 6s, knocking out both 88s. The razvedki and stuarts zipped around being annoying and the SU 122s operated in conjunction with the armoured cars: volleyfire + breakthrough gun= 7 hit FJ teams and 6 dead. Dale threw his reserves  in and defensive fire from the last sherman & BA 64s drove them back (5 hits- just enough to pin) and the next turn, M3A1 scout cars, Stuarts and volleyfiring SU 122s destroyed all Dales infantry and company commander. 6-1 again.

 This could be bad!
 Prepare to volleyfire!
The fallschrimjager reserves arrive. Where did the infantry round the objective go?

 The Soviet swing right to decimate the reserves- if in doubt ignore a tiger!

 It has been a long, long time since I've managed a 6-1 vs Dale, let alone 2 of them in a row so that bodes well for the weekend ahead. Shermans with 50 cals can chuck out a lot of dice (I am sold on that particular combo)  as can the the stuarts (MGs) and razvedki (50 cals). Breakthough gun is nasty when used with volleyfire and armoured cars to lift GtG (the comp will be using breakthough gun rule for 122s apparently).

We will see how the force fares this weekend, if I can mass it properly it can take a hell of a lot of slowing down (3 units move at 16" crosscountry so it has mobility to burn!) but of course the wrong match on the wrong table and it can quite easily go down in flames (as I thought was about to happen in game 2). 



  1. Well done in the games Craig. They look like great games too. Those buildings look fantastic, very well done Tony.

  2. Yep, nice reports and I concur on the building, may have to grab some of those...

  3. Great pictures of cool table and games. The buildings look great. Hard core result. 2 big wins...nice.

  4. Pah, great games Craig, you forgot to mention I surrendered the first game! Just reinforces my hatred of immobile infantry.....

    Big surprise was the SU-122, they did really well giving this unit a new role that works well.

  5. Yes, unlike you not to be wall to all half tracks!

    Must admit I enjoyed some payback for all those run overs from your 32 Stuart & T34 hordes of yesteryear

    How do you think your panthers would fare? A panther company could ruin its day real fast!


  6. I'm not going to say 'I told you so' about the Shermans plus .50cals... then again :)

  7. Well, I was thinking Panthers might be the best bet, but how am I supposed to fit in some dedicated AA eh? Air power is nasty nasty with the new rules. Otherwise this list you have created appears unbreakable!

  8. Well they did well- 1st allied and first equal on points with kent's FJ (best axis). Only came unstuck vs Bob's tiger company on a Cauldron desert table with no area terrain/total cover at all- best LoS a tiger could hope for (was still a fun gamme)