Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FoW- Cossacks

I last used these at Days of Days 2010 as part of our Firestorm Bagration weekend.

Last night I added static grass to the bases (they had been based with Woodlands Scenics grasses) and also Meadow Grass clumps- which lifts the bases quite nicely by adding a splash of colour.

The only downside with cossacks is the fact you need cavalry and infantry versions of each unit. I'm note sure whether to run a big and small company (13x mounted vs 5 x dismounted cossacks), or go for a more balanced 2x  9 teams i.e 2 platoons per company). My main concern is the base size and getting the mounted cossacks into action- last time I went for a larger dismounted company and used the mounted cossacks mainly for follow up assaults- I'll have to experiment with both versions.

Anyway the Battalion consists of:
  •  Batajon Command: Commander, 2iC and komissar
  • HQ sapper platoon: 4x mounted and dismounted cossacks
  • 1st Company: 13x mounted cossacks and dismounted versions.
  • 2nd Company: 13x dismounted cossacks
  • 4x 45mm AT guns 
  • 4x 120mm mortars (won't be used for Southcon)

I've also a few dismounted HMGs and Anti-tank rifle teams for other options.

For Southcon its a matter of working out the suppport combination I want:
8x Conscript Shermans + 4x SU 122s
7x Trained shermans + 4x Zis 2
8x Conscript Shermans and 8x Stuarts

Each could have their uses.

A few pictures:

 45mm AT guns and behind them the sappers.
 The sappers
The dismounted cossacks company. My cossacks are a combiantion of the regular cossacks and the Russian infantry in Great Coats (my favourite BF Soviet range) a number of which have cossacks hats instead of helmets- I had a few spares as a result of converting some cossacks to Hungarian Cavalry a few years ago.

 120mm Mortars.
 The Cropduster of Doom- a True North i-153 Polikarpov biplane.



  1. Looks amazing. So many painted 15mm figures. I hope they dominate.

  2. Nice looking forces. I haven't played against Cossack cavalry - no doubt it would be an interesting experience!

  3. They look great now just wait till my Fallschirmjager deal with them then they might not look quite so good

  4. Great looking army, you don't see too many horses in FoW up here. The Biplane is a great addition.

  5. Next week Galpy, next week...