Sunday, May 6, 2012

A few more Ancient Germans

This week I got a few blisters of Crusader Miniatures Ancient Germans to finish off my Impetvs Germans- archers and heavy cavalry. I've a couple more bases of archers to go.

This week Kent and I should be playing a game of flames of War as we lead up to next month's Southcon. I'll be running my Cossacks and Kent will be taking his Fallschrimjager. We'll play one of the new missions that we haven't tried yet.


  1. Great painting Craig. Really like the skin colours.

  2. Great looking figures, especially like the shields on the cavalry

  3. The genreal got a LBM transfer, the rest simple geometric patterns as per the bulk of the army.

    I do like the Vallejo Rose-beige + Devlan mud wash for skin tones Roger- its nice and simple and they look suitably unwashed (if a bit suntanned)